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Entry Level or Experienced Mechanic

Job Summary

The Entry Level or Experienced Mechanic position is responsible for performing routine production duties through the utilization of small machinery and hand tools including but not limited to: wash tank, blasters, wire wheels, buffing pads, and die grinders.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Adheres to all safety guidelines, and uses Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) preventing incidents or injury to self or others.
  • Maintains a clean and orderly work area for safe operation as well as customer presentation.
  • With the guidance of supervision, disassembles engines, small components, transmissions, differentials, motors, and hydraulics by effectively using small machinery and hand tools.
  • Prepares surfaces by grinding, sanding, cleaning, or polishing objects or parts to correct defects.
  • Performs machine setups, material handling, and minor general maintenance.
  • Operates the hot tank machine and maintains chemical concentration.
  • Steam cleans parts or objects for reuse.
  • Performs work according to the highest quality standards to produce a superior end product, meeting or exceeding customer expectations.
  • Participates in and supports the principles of Open Book Management.

Other Duties & Responsibilities

  • Monitors concentration of chemical balances in hot tank and makes adjustments as needed.
  • Controls waste from steam cleaning process.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Skills & Abilities

  • Ability to apply basic math required for computing chemical imbalance solutions.
  • Ability to identify machine deficiencies.
  • Ability to demonstrate basic knowledge of engine machinery.

Equipment & Tool Experience

  • Ability to drive a forklift safely.
  • Ability to use crane and hoists safely.
  • Ability to use torque wrenches, wrenches, pliers, bearing splitters, bearing pullers, screw drivers, die grinders, impact wrenches, utility knives, pallet jacks, and other basic hand or power tools.

Experience Requirements

  • One (1) year of production or maintenance experience.

Physical Requirements Essential to Perform the Duties of the Job

  • Routinely lifts and moves products and heavy material with weight up to sixty (60) pounds.
  • Routinely remains in a standing position to perform cleaning duties.
  • Occasionally lifts and moves products and heavy material weighing over sixty (60) pounds with assistance.
  • Occasionally reads hot tank machine chemical outputs.
  • Occasionally views the computer to log and analyze quality records, bills of material and checklists.
  • Occasionally stoops, kneels, or bends to move equipment and materials.
  • Occasionally climbs stairs and ladders to analyze machinery performance.
  • Occasionally exposed to outside elements when cleaning and maintaining shop area.
  • Seldom moves, lifts, and sorts through files to maintain quality control or preventive maintenance records.
  • Seldom communicates with employees to perform machine maintenance.




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